Shock Servicing
I can provide all shock service work. From basic oil change nitrogen recharge. Or full rebuild on leaking shocks that will return shocks to factory fresh  Shock oil degrades from the heat generated from the oil being forced through the internal rebound and compression valves. Additionally the hard anodizing  is worn off the shock body and contaminates the oil. this accelerates wear.
We recommend the fallowing gydelines for shock servicing.
Sunday driver                Every 2 years or 2000 miles 
Aggressive trail riding    Every year.
Racing                            2 races                           
1 year old shock oil from a fox shock
I stock O-rings to service most.Ryde FX KYB
 FOX Ohlins and OEM rebuildable shocks

Basic service includes disassemble, clean, inspect for worn parts. Set IFP depth Replace O-Rings. Fresh oil and recharge nitrogen to factory specs. 
*$85  off machine
*$120 on machine
1 shock.
full line of rebuild parts available for most shocks
*If additional worn parts are required(other than O-Rings) there will be additional cost
Includes o rings ,oil and recharge.