Harley Davidson
We have your V Twin covered. From servicing and repair work to performance motor work.
10000 mile service(Except cartage forks)                                                                        $275
10000 mile service (cartage forks)                                                                                   $325
5000 mile service                                                                                                             $165
Camshaft service/replacement (no rocker box labor)                                                      $250
Install complete exhaust system                                                                                      $120
Remove and replace front & rear cylinders                                                                      $385
Replace fork seals (cartage fork)                                                                                     $250
Fork seals replacement  FL                                                                                              $220
Fork seals standard forks off bike                                                                                    $125
Fork seals cartage forks off bike                                                                                      $175
High flow air cleaner install                                                                                                $80
Install power commander(No map work)                                                                           $75
Inner primary reseal                                                                                                         $225
Base labor rate (per Hour)                                                                                                 $55

Labor only No parts..
Performance work
Port & Flow test heads ( Includes before & After flow sheet)                                            $350
Port Intake manifold                                                                                                            $40
Port fuel injected induction module ( includes remove sensors & Injectors)                      $90 
Dyno tune fuel injected  (Includes base and final dyno sheet)                                          $230
Dyno tune with ECU reflash (No tuning device required)                                                  $490
Dyno tune carburetor  (Per hour)                                                                                        $85
Street performance package. Starting at                                                                $1900 - UP
After our street performance work. Cam porting exhaust system custom dyno tuning .I get 1 HP per cubic inch using the stock compression ratio Harley Davidson pistons.  100+ torque starts at 2300 RPM. 103" = 103 HP 110+ torque. That is using stock valve springs and mid grade pump gas. Dependable power. I have had customers put 40K on these packages with no issues.  
Yes I can and will make you more. I have built & raced 200+ HP sportsters. But I never set unrealistic expectations.1 HP per cubic is dependable. As horse power increases past that. life span and dependability decreases.
Twin cam replacement chain shoes. 00-05
Twin cam replacement shoes. 06-up