Dyno Tuning
I have 15+ years of dyno tuning experience. using fuel injection mapping soft ware from Dyno Jet, Screaming Eagle Race Tuner, Bazazz  and A racer. Also have 30+ years of drag race tuning experience. This allows me to set up anything from full race motors to performance tuning on street and dirt bikes. I use a Dayton dyno with a load brake. As well as wide band oxygen sensors. this allows me to tune cylinders separately on V-Twin engines. We also use Auto tune programs along with wide band oxygen sensors to get the best tune possible from your fuel injected motorcycles. 
 Most fuel injected custom maps take 3+ hours to tune properly. Starting at idle fuel ratio all the way up to wide open throttle.  
Dyno tune carbureted (Per hour)                                                               $85
Dyno Tune Custom map(tuning device previously installed)                   $230 Dyno tune Reflash Harley Davidson ECU (Includes tune license)         *$490
Dyno tuning includes base line run to evaluate HP level before tuning. Final dyno run with print out. Showing HP and Torque before and after.
* Nothing else to buy Show up drive out with a custom mapped Harley Davidson