We have 30+ years in the powersports business rebuilding crankshafts utilizing CNC precision disassembly and assembly fixtures. It  enables us to disassemble "un-rebuildable"  such as twin cylinder cranks that other shops will not rebuild.  We use fixtures just like the factory to reassemble all cranks.This allows us the ability for proper rebuild of Honda CR sheet metal stuffer cranks. Now the crank is true to factory specs or under. Without needing a hammer for truing after assembly.
Crankshaft Rebuilding
Crankshaft Indexing Fixture
Allows precise indexing of 2 and 3 cylinder crankshafts
CNC Disassembly Fixtures
Provides a extremely rigid and true fixture during disassembly. 
Pins are pushed perfectly straight with no possabilty for damage during disassembly.Also allows for damage free disassembly of twins and triples. No rod and crank throw impact when parts fall into a tube shaped fixture during disassembly.
Precision bearing and gear fixtures
Some of our fixtures used to remove bearings and gears. Eliminates possibility of damaging precision brass gears and Artic Cat piston ring style center seals.
2 cycle single cylinder cranks from                            $45
4 cycle single cylinder crank                                      $65
1 cylinder crank (customer supplied parts)         $85-105
Twin cylinder crank                                                  $190
Twin cylinder crank (customer Supplied Parts)       $225
​Tig Welding (per crank throw)                                   $50
Labor Only. Does not include Parts or shipping & Insurance
H beam racing rods & welding also available.
Do not make the mistake of saving money on rebuild in a box. repairing your old crankshaft is always a better option. The factory flywheels are manufactured utilizing 60 years of R&D and experience manufacturing the parts .
A cheap aftermarket crankshaft is not the same quality
Crankshaft assembly fixtures
Precision fixtures used to assemble crankshafts .Holds the crank parts perfectly straight while pressing together. True to .001" or under without a need to adjust with a hammer.