Carburetor cleaning
Carburetor cleaning becomes necessary when vehicles sit for periods of time. The "Reformulated" fuels contain ethanol. A very corrosive product to zinc/aluminum fuel system parts. It also absorbs humidity from the air causing the ethanol to separate from the fuel. Ethanol also evaporates very quickly. The EPA requires Petroleum manufactures to put additives too elevate these property's. When fuel systems sit long enough the petroleum and ethanol still evaporate. These additives are what are left over leaving a jelly like mess. The ethanol also corrodes the zinc aluminum parts leaving a white grainy powder.  Making it necessary to remove these fuel related deposits. If not removed will cause drivability problems. Also will lean fuel mixture and create engine damage problems. 
I remove carburetors and completely disassemble them. Dip them in a fuel system cleaning solution that removes all the deposits. Including in the internal passages. Then the critical O-Rings are replaced with ethanol fuel resistant replacement parts. Then reassembled using stainless replacement hardware.
The problem
1 cylinder off machine                                                                                       $55
2 Cylinder off machine                                                                                      $90
4 cylinder off machine                                                                                     $140
1 cylinder on machine                                                                                     $110
2 cylinder on machine                                                                                     $150
4 cylinder  on machine                                                                                    $190
4 cylinder sport bike with fairing removal                                                        $250

Price includes disassembly. soak in carb tanks to remove deposits and reassemble.  Non cable Multi cylinder off bike includes bench synchronize with .015" rod. On unit carb clean includes ballance with Motion Pro carb synchronize tool while running. ALL parts required are additional charge.
I stock a large selection of carburetor replacement parts